What we do

The Abode community project, set up in 2005 is the sister organisation of The Abode Trust formed in 2008. Both work together to support the aims and aspirations of The Abode Trust and have been recognised for Ethical Tourism in 2009 and 2015 by Tourism Concern which featured us on their international website. We were also longlisted for the World Responsible Tourism Awards in 2015.


We sustain our work by offering authentic homestays in rural areas, voluntary donations, recycling spectacles and hearing aids in order to benefit the local communities in which we work and live alongside.


Supporting Communities


Developing Sustainble Eco Tourism


Feedback from our visitors to Mannar Island


Feedback from visitors to The Abode in the Knuckles Mountains


For more information about tailor made authentic Trips and Tours to remote and largely unvisited areas of Sri Lanka visit: www.abodetours.com



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The house we built for the grandparents in the lower valley of The Abode