Temples and Caves - Myanmar (Burma)


There are many, many temples in Myanmar, far too many to feature here, but their magnificence, natural surroundings and the devotion of those who worship there is self evident.

In Bago you can buy an admission ticket for 10,000 kyats each which gives you entrance to most of their sites.

In Hpa Na the temples you see here had free admission.

In Yangon it costs 8,000 kyats each for entrance to the famous Shwedagon Pagoda.


In Mandalay there is also a charge which includes parts of the Palace but you can see the best temples for nothing.

Some temples are to be found in caves such as these in Hpa Na and near Kalaw.


They have a unique feel, quite apart from being a very cool place to spend a few hours. Please note foreigners will be asked to contribute to the costs of electricity at the caves near Kalaw ....

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